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  • United States Virtual Office Service Packages
  • Business Address for Mail Service  

    Business Address for Mail Service
    A physical location to use for contact information and letters, packages, etc., delivered via United States Postal System.
  • Courier Package Receipt  

    Courier Package Receipt
    Staffed location to receive Federal Express, UPS, etc. envelopes and packages. Weight and size restrictions apply.
  • Mail Pickup  

    Mail Pickup
    Collect your mail in person by arrangement at no charge.
  • Mail Forwarding  

    Mail Forwarding
    Have your mail sent to you on a set schedule.
    Cost and handling charges apply.
  • CMRA   

    A commercial mail recieving agency registered with the United States Postal Service that receives mail on behalf of your company. Form 1583 required.
  • Package Notification  

    Package Notification
    Get notified of every package/envelope we sign for. Included. Size and weight restrictions apply.
  • Business Licensing  

    Business Licensing
    Use of the address for local business licensing requirements, business-dependent. Refer to location's county
  • Lobby Receptionist  

    Lobby Receptionist
    Professionally trained lobby receptionist to greet your customers
  • Building Directory Listing  

    Building Directory Listing
    Have your business's name listed on the building directory
  • Assigned Private Local Telephone Number  

    Assigned Private Local Telephone Number
    Local Number that is uniquely yours while employing our services.
  • Fax Number with Forwarding to Email  

    Fax Number with Forwarding to Email
    Use of a unique number for receipt of facsimiles via email in PDF format.
  • Calls Answered Automatically; up to 7 ext.  

    Calls Answered Automatically; up to 7 ext.
    Auto-attendant answering of calls in your company's name with up to 7 dialing options to external client number(s). Unlimited Long Distance in U.S. Continental.
  • Custom Greeting  

    Custom Greeting
    Your company branding when your line is answered.
  • Voicemail Message to Email  

    Voicemail Message to Email
    Receive voicemails via email as attached .wav file, saving long-distance charges due to not having to "call in to check your messages."
  • Call Time Scheduler  

    Call Time Scheduler
    Calls can be routed a certain way during business hours (9-5) and a different way after-hours.
  • Text Message Notification to Cell Phone  

    Text Message Notification to Cell Phone
    Receive your messages taken live by receptionist and sent by text to your mobile phone.
  • Standard Live Answering  

    Standard Live Answering
    100 calls personally answered in your company names. Message taken and emailed Monday - Friday, 9am - 5:00pm local time (except holidays). No call forwarding. $1 per call over allotted package
  • Premium Live Answering  

    Premium Live Answering
    100 calls personally answered/screened/forwarded per your instruction, allowing you to decide whether to accept the call, Monday - Friday, 9am - 5:00pm local time (except holidays). Unlimited Long Distance in U.S. Continental. $1 per call over allotted package
  • Music on Hold  

    Music on Hold
    Callers hear music when on hold or while waiting to connect.
  • Find-Me / Follow-Me  

    Find-Me / Follow-Me
    Live efforts to forward your calls, allowing you to not miss that important call.
    • BSSI Virtual Office
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    • Business Mail Receiving
    • Business Mail Forwarding
    • Automated Receptionist
    • Live Receptionist

    Virtual Office Service Overview

    The popularity of the Virtual Office and the Virtual Office suite of services has increased drastically over the last decade. Regardless of the status of the economy, businesses must use the most efficient and cost-effective solutions. With no leasing/building fees, security deposit and rent expenses to be incurred, virtual offices can be the most cost-effective way to have an office.

    Blue Sky Solutions Inc. (BSSI) services offer a physical location for your business and core service features, such as: mail receiving; mail forwarding; virtual and/or Live Receptionist Services; plus additional add-on business support services. BSSI serves as a partner, not just a vendor, to build a strong and lasting relationship on the foundation of respect, reliability, loyalty and cost-effective pricing.

    Whether you are running a startup business or satellite office, BSSI understands your business concerns and can provide the Virtual Office to fit your needs. BSSI can: provide a professional business address; a local telephone number; automated or live receptionist to handle calls; offers the capability to change the answering message or phone message delivery; receive your mail; forward your mail; and be the trusted business partner to provide these and other valuable services.

    Business Mailing Address Overview

    BSSI offices offer clients a business address through its virtual office business service suite. The BSSI virtual office business address is an ideal way to have a prestigious business address throughout the country; such as Fifth Avenue in New York City; Wilshire Boulevard in Beverly Hills; Michigan Ave in Chicago; without the expensive ticket pricing of leasing a physical office. The BSSI virtual office business address is an ideal approach to having a business with physical amenities such as conference room and private office space when you need them without the capital investment of physical office space.

    BSSI offices are staffed by onsite Virtual Office Professionals. BSSI is committed to providing the best possible Virtual Office Services to all its clients, from the on-the-go, work-from-home professional; jet-setting businessperson; to the company that is starting-up or expanding into new markets.

    Mail Receiving Overview

    Business Mail Receipt is an integral component of Virtual Office service subscriptions. Not only is a professional mailing address assigned for your company, but onsite staff receives your mail and items/courier packages that require a signature. Business mail receiving service includes receipt of items from couriers such as messengers, USPS, FedEx, and UPS (Size, type and weight restrictions apply). When mail is sent to the BSSI business addresses, it is processed and can be held for local pick up or forwarded on a set schedule to client's location.

    BSSI offers the base "business mail address" through the "Identity" virtual office package. The address can be bundled with automated or live receptionist services. There are also options to have your Mail Scanned to Email (charges apply; scan offerings vary by location).

    Mail Forwarding Overview

    BSSI offers Mail Forwarding services for your mail. After sorting and processing your mail, BSSI staff can hold your mail for local pick up during office hours or, for a fee plus postage and supply costs, the staff can forward your mail to your designated address on a predetermined schedule. Some locations offer mail scan services for a fee.

    Automated Receptionist Overview

    BSSI offers automated receptionist services for its locations. Also known as "auto attendant," "phone answering," "telephone attendant," "virtual receptionist," "corporate communications," or "automated answering," its purpose is to answer calls and route when /if applicable.

    BSSI automated receptionist service offers:

    • Customized, personally recorded greeting in your company name
    • Dialing Extensions to route calls to external numbers
    • Voice Mail
    • Conversion of voicemail message into .wav file
    • Email of your voicemail message to your Inbox

    By receiving your messages by email, there's no "calling in for your messages" because your messages are pushed to you electronically. By not allowing messages to "sit" in a voicemail box, your voicemail box never gets full, allowing for unlimited amount of messages and calls.

    If you're starting, growing or expanding your business, an automated answering service is an ideal way to provide a professional first impression for your company.

    Live Receptionist Overview

    BSSI offers US-based live receptionist telephone answering services. Our live receptionist telephone answering suite of services is priced using bundled call volume discounts. There is no worry about the call minutes or duration of calls.

    BSSI Live Receptionist Telephone Answering Services are provided between 9:00am to 5:00pm local time. Through the use of a Live Receptionist service, your calls are answered in your company name in a professional and friendly manner.

    Live Receptionist Telephone Answering service includes:

    • A local, dedicated phone number
    • Calls are answered Live by a U.S.-based staff receptionist
    • Callers' messages taken by a live person and forwarded
    • After-hours personalized voicemail recording
    • Message Notification to Email
    • Premium services included Find Me/Follow Me screening and call announcing

    There is a setup process during which you detail how you wish your calls to be handled. Whether it's the Standard or Premium Live Answering service set, a specific greeting for your callers is created. The Standard Live Answering service set includes message taking and electronic communication of message. The Premium Live Answering services include call screening and transfer of calls, along with the Caller's name, Company and reason for the call. You can then decide if you wish to take that call or have the call detail emailed to you. Our experienced Client Services Specialist will help create the unified company branding and experience.

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