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December 11, 2014

LinkedIn Company Pages – Why You Need One by Jimmy Emery

LinkedIn Company Pages – Why You Need One by Jimmy Emery


For a Small Business Owner, there is no better Social Media platform than LinkedIn. It gives a Mom and Pop business the opportunity to compete with larger companies in the same arena. As a Social Media Expert, I cringe when I see a business owner’s profile with no company page attached to it. LinkedIn makes it real simple and time efficient to create a company page so I conclude that most small business owners are ignorant to its existence.

LinkedIn Company Page creation tips:

  1. Make sure you complete all the content fields.
  2. Be sure to add your best searchable content because search engines love LinkedIn.
  3. Add all of your pertinent company information.
  4. Add the best profile photo that communicates what your business is about.
  5. Add your logo for maximum aesthetic effect.
  6. Publish your page.

NOTE: you must have a company email that includes your website domain in order to create a LinkedIn Company Page.

OK, so I created a LinkedIn Company Page, now what?

Update Update Update!!! Your company page won’t engage users on its own. You need to create engaging posts with links to your website or relevant news stories that allow users to be educated on your products and solutions.


How often should I post?

You should post a minimum of 5 times per week on your LinkedIn Company Page but make sure it’s not too repetitive and sales-y. Having an active page keeps users engaged and shows that you are a leader in your industry.

What should I post?

Post your solution to problems your target audience may be experiencing. Provide robust content with a link to your website. Don’t make the post long winded though. Be pithy and allow the reader to click the link to continue reading the solution on your website.

Post company news, thought leadership pieces, and encourage your followers to interact with your posts. The more engagement the more news feeds your page will appear in.

Find news stories from third party sources related to your industry but be careful not to post info about your competitors. No need to give them free advertising. By posting news stories it shows your audience that you are the go to source for the information that can provide solutions for them.

When using links, be sure that an image appears in the post before publishing. Most of the time you can cycle through more than one image if that page has more than one. If no image appears, and it’s common for that to happen, simple upload your own. DO NOT publish without an image. Visuals mean everything for better engagement.

LinkedIn has great resources for best engagement practices

How do I gain followers?

Encourage your colleagues in your network to follow your page. Offer them a share for share situation where you follow their page when they follow yours. Simply asking does wonders to get followers, however don’t beg. If they don’t follow, no sweat. They may down the road once they see how great and engaging your page is. LinkedIn also offers Premium Marketing Solutions to assist if you have the budget. Lastly, ask your employees to follow the company page.

Who will see my posts?

Only those that follow your page will see your company updates. If the amount of followers is low, don’t worry. I discovered an organic way to increase your posts reach. Once the post is published, allow about 30 minutes or more to elapse. Then go to your news feed and find that post and like it, then comment on it. Encourage your network to do the same in exchange for the same practice for their posts. If you have over 1,000 members in your network, you will get around the same amount of impressions.

How can I track my posts success?

LinkedIn has very good analytics. Leverage Company Page analytics to track engagement on posts, follower growth, and key metrics and trends. Use that valuable data to optimize, refine, and customize your content for maximum effect. Check them daily, weekly, and monthly to stay on top of these statistics.

What if I don’t have time to do all this?

FIND TIME!  After all it’s virtually free advertising. Or you can simply hire a marketing agency that specializes in social media.


If you’re in business and on LinkedIn, you need to have a company page and have to update it regularly.



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