Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a Virtual Office?
What types of businesses can use a virtual office?
How Can I Conduct Business Virtually?
How stable is Blue Sky Solutions Inc. (BSSI) a company?
What is the sign up process?
What is the US Postal Service Form 1583?
What is Live Answering?
How do you handle the live answering for “my” business if you also handle live answering for many other businesses?
What happens to my calls after 5 PM?
What is Direct Call to Cell (DCC)?
What is an eFax Number?
How are Calls answered by automated system and what is “up to 7 extensions?”
What is Voicemail to Email?
What is Text Message Notification to Cell Phone?
What if I go over my purchased block of minutes on my account?
What is an Additional Voicemail Box?
Can I get listed with the local 411?
Can my company name be physically listed at the location?
What is required to set up service? What are the setup fees? How long does it take to have my services live and ready for use?
What are the additional charges I should be aware of?
How does the mail forwarding work?
Can I pick up my mail?
Do you accept parcels and courier packages?
How much is mail forwarding?
If I terminate services, do I keep my assigned phone number?
What forms of payments are accepted?
Can I use a Private Office or Conference Room when I need it?
Can I get listed on the Suite Directory?

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When is the Company closed?
What is a Business Address for Mail service?
What is Courier Package receipt?
What is Free Mail Pickup?
What is Mail Forwarding?
How is this applicable to Business Licensing?
What is an Assigned Private Telephone Number?
I need to change the credit card on file. How do I do that?
I have changed my company name. How do we update our agreement and my account?
Can I add another company to my account?

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